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Hastings Regatta 21 July 2012

A line up of usual suspects

Set GO

The supervets and coxen

The supervets at the start of the Veterans 50 race

A good race for the Vets 40: 2d place!

Smiles all over

Adjusting feet height is a serious matter: who's got the best frown?

Some are ready, some are not. Nick is looking for his keys and god knows what distracted Ian and Kevin

The Vets 50 of Bob Salmon, Andy Wilson, Alan Piper and Simon Veness getting ready

Kieran Wilson coxing

And off they are

A busy beach

Craig Golding and James Laws rowing in the Junior/Senior 4 with Dover

The vets 40 of Ian Smith Nick Neale, Kevin Smith and Paul Knight before the race

Ian doesn't want to get his feet wet


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