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On Saturday 30th July Hastings Rowing Club attended the Herne Bay annual regatta. With crews from Hampshire, Sussex and Kent in attendance this is one of the flagship regattas each year. A small but selective bunch of enthusiastic rowers made the journey to the North Kent Coast with high hopes. In the mens novice 4s the experienced Allan Carter returned to stroke the mens A crew. Backed up by Danny Bassett at 3, Roger Paisley at 2 and Jeremy Henwood in the bow, they started with high hopes. Headed to the turns by an experienced crew from Deal they needed a good turn to stay in the race. They got that and it was neck and neck back to the line. The result was never clear cut but they got their bows in front near the line and won for the first time this year. This is the first step towards promotion to the next level of racing so good things are expected next season. Also racing were Ken French bow, Laurence Bell 2, Rich Ely 3 and Matt Bumpus stroke. Although not in the mix this time they had an excellent row and with a winters training they will also soon be in contention for prizes.


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