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Every member should familiarise themselves with the club’s water safety policy. Its contents are displayed on the Safety Notice Board in the gym. Here you will find info on:

• Emergency action plan
• Emergency contact details
• Boat checks
• Navigation rules and circulation pattern on the water
• When rowing is not allowed
• Incident reporting
• Equipment damage log
• Capsize drill
• Risk assessments for land training and water training


As part of our water safety policy every active member should be able to swim, tread water and know what to do in the event of a capsize. The best way to satisfy these requirements is to take part in the club’s capsize drill and swim test, which is organised a few times per year. The capsize drill and swim test is compulsory for all active members that want to row.If you want know more about the why and how of the capsize drill, please have a look at the Stay with the Boat poster below.

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