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Club Renovations

The committee has made a concerted effort over the winter months to improve the facilities at the club. We have recently updated all the lights in the boathouse, gym and toilets with new LED fittings. These are all controlled by sensor switches that automatically turn lights on when you enter. They also turn them off after a period of inactivity saving money and being more energy efficient.The drying room in now nearly complete with the finishing touches being added as we speak.

The Ladies toilet has been replaced and we have added a hot water tap over the basin (also in the gents). The committee recently approved plans to add a second shower to the ladies now that we have more active lady members.

The boat trailer has been completely overhauled this winter and is now roadworthy and ready to go for the coming season. Work continues with the repainting of interior walls and woodwork.

Boat repairs are largely completed. We have purchased a new rudder for the Stevie B and the new bow ball and repair to the pump in the Bob Salmon are fitted and working.

We have new sleeves for the two main sets of Croker blades and these will be fitted by April when we hope to start rowing again.


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